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2022-08-10: Installed Ozmoo 11.2, which fixes a problem for MEGA65 where save + restore could corrupt the game state. [Show what has changed].

2022-08-09: Installed Ozmoo 11.1, which fixes a serious bug in the scrollback feature for MEGA65. [Show what has changed].

2022-08-09: Installed Ozmoo 11.0, which adds a scrollback buffer feature. Requires a MEGA65, a C64 with REU or a C128 with REU to work. [Show what has changed].

2022-06-22: Installed Ozmoo 10.7, which restores a lost pixel column on screen on MEGA65, and makes sure default save unit is same as the boot unit on MEGA65.

2022-06-21: Added link to Lurking Horror and Sherlock with sound for MEGA65. Accepting upload of Blorb files (which should contain a Z-code file). Installed Ozmoo 10.6, which fixes some issues with save, restore and restart on MEGA65.

2022-06-16: Installed Ozmoo 10.0, which allows for lightweight Inform 7 games to be played on MEGA65 (Use the MEGA65 XL Inform 7 stack option!) and games with any amount of dynamic memory (also MEGA65 only). Ozmoo 10 also supports sound on MEGA65, but not in Ozmoo Online. [Show what has changed].

Ozmoo is a Z-code interpreter for the Commodore 64, 128, Plus/4 and the MEGA65. You can use this page to build the interpreter and bundle it with a game. You can upload any story file you like, or you can pick one of the story files which are always available in the dropdown list under "Build game". Ozmoo can build games with sound for the MEGA65, but Ozmoo Online lacks the interface for this. We have prepared an archive for download, containing MEGA65 builds of the two games that Infocom released with sound: The Lurking Horror and Sherlock.

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