Vacation Gone Awry

This is the homepage of the interactive fiction (or text adventure) game "Vacation Gone Awry", by Johan Berntsson, Fredrik Ramsberg and Staffan Friberg.

To see what Vacation Gone Awry is, you could have a look at a screenshot (28KB), showing how the game starts. If you have never played an interactive fiction game before, you may want to start by going through the Interactive Fiction Guide. It should help you on the way.


The latest version is Release 3, Serial 060527, which means it was released on 27. May 2006.


To play Vacation Gone Awry, you need to do ONE of the following:

  • Download the game as a zip archive including an interpreter for Windows (722KB). Unpack it with WinZip, double-click on the executable file and it will install!

  • Download the game as a z5-file (243KB) and then find a suitable interpreter to run the game on your computer (almost any computer will do, but you have to have an interpreter no matter what computer you use!).

  • play the game online (requires Java capable browser) -- The interpreter has some minor bugs and you may not be able to save your game position (depending on your security settings for Java applets), but it provides a very easy way to try the game. Be patient: May take up to a minute to load!
Once you've played the game a little, perhaps you want to e-mail the authors at . Or you could sign the Guestbook! We'd love to hear from you!


This game is given away for FREE, even though the authors retain the copyright. This essentially means that you can neither sell the game nor modify it without permission. You can however play it and even give copies away, as long as no one has to pay anything to get it. For the complete license, start the game and type HELP at the prompt.


Vacation Gone Awry started out as a project called "Stranded" for the Commodore 64 home computer. Work on the project began in 1988. Inspired by Infocom, we started by designing a language to write it in, called Rabies. Rabies managed what few commercial languages have done, in combining the clarity of 6502 Assembler with the speed of C64 Basic, along with a programming environment that beats Edline by inches. We had a version of the game running, if not bug-free, on the C64 at the end of 1990. A port of both the language and the game to the Amiga along with refinements were made in 1991. Two attempts at porting the game to PC, first in TADS, then in Common Lisp, were made around 1993. We made a half-hearted attempt at porting the language to PC in 1995, but the code was a bit unclear. Also, we still have the Rabies sourcecode of the game, but that isn't any more useful than a core dump, due to the nature of the language. We began porting the game to Inform at the beginning of 1996. It was released on 31 December 2001. Another IF game called Stranded was released in 2001, so we decided to change the name of our game to avoid confusion.

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