The Post Infocom Text Adventure Collection

This site is home to a collection of text adventures, or interactive fiction games, originally released between 1993 and 2015, which have been ported to the Commodore 64 platform.


The collection is available as a ZIP file (2674 KB).


You can read the documentation in PDF format (198 KB). The documentation is also included in the download file holding the game collection, so no need to download both.


The following games are included in the collection:

TitleAuthorYear of initial release
Ad VerbumNick Montfort2000
Adventure (z3 version)Crowther and Woods / Jesse McGrew1976
AisleSam Barlow1999
All RoadsJon Ingold2001
AnimalsDavid Fisher2007
The AwakeningDennis Matheson1998
BalancesGraham Nelson1994
A Bear's Night OutDavid Dyte1997
Buried in ShoesDominic Delabruere2008
A Change in the WeatherAndrew Plotkin1995
CottageKimmo & Viggo Eriksson, Olle E Johansson / Johan Ottosson1978
Curses! (z3 version)Graham Nelson1993
Darkiss! Wrath of the Vampire -
Chapter 1: the Awakening
Marco Vallarino2015
The Djinni ChroniclesJ.D. Berry2000
Downtown Tokyo, Present DayJohn Kean1998
Earth And SkyPaul O'Brian2001
Fail-SafeJon Ingold2000
For a ChangeDan Schmidt1999
Hunter, In DarknessAndrew Plotkin1999
Lists and ListsAndrew Plotkin1996
The Magic ToyshopGareth Rees1995
The Moonlit TowerYoon Ha Lee2002
ShadeAndrew Plotkin2000
ShrapnelAdam Cadre2000
The Space Under the WindowAndrew Plotkin1997
The Tale of the Kissing BanditJ. Robinson Wheeler2001
The TempleJohan Berntsson2002
Vicious CyclesSimon Mark2001
VoicesAris Katsaris2001
Wearing the ClawPaul O'Brian1996
Yes, Another Game With a Dragon!John Kean2000


The current version of the collection is 1.0. This is signified by not having any version numbers at all in the collection. And indeed, there may not be any more versions. Still, I welcome feedback. My email address can be found on the first page of the documentation.

There is also a list here, of games that were considered but didn't make it into the collection.

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