Graeme Cree's Wishbringer bugs page
  1. In version 68, anywhere you can see, FIND BAY produces, "The water is too deep to see much of anything." LAKE, RIVER, and SEA all work as well.
  2. In the Solid Gold version, you don't ever seem to run out of time. The TIME command prints the correct amount of time left, but once it reaches zero it then becomes negative. --Torbjörn Andersson
  3. In the Solid Gold version, if you WISH FOR DARKNESS in the presence of Miss Voss or Sgt. MacGuffin, the response includes the sentence, "You can hear making fearful noises in the sudden gloom." With King Anatinus, you get, "You notice the  looking around nervously." and "You can hear the making fearful noises in the sudden gloom." --Torbjörn Andersson
  4. In the Solid Gold version, the letter says, "before the moons sets".
  5. In all versions, there are other problems with FIND. You get mildly to very strange messages from FIND MILK, FOG, COAT, INSTRUMENT, EXHIBIT, LOBBY, or RADIO. For example, FIND FOG responds, "You'd probably drown in the river if you went that way.", and FIND COAT says, "You can't do that while Mr. Crisp is wearing the coat!". Following some FIND commands with a reference to IT has buggy results. Here's an example:
     You'd have to go into the lobby to do that.
     >ENTER IT
     But you're already in the lobby!
     >EXIT IT
     But you're not in the lobby!
    You get similar results using THEATER. Perhaps the buggiest of these involves the stump. FIND STUMP answers, "How do you intend to do that?", but then references to IT treat the stump as if present. For example, FIND STUMP THEN SIT ON IT puts you on the stump, although you stay at the same location. After you've delivered the envelope, FIND STUMP THEN OPEN IT works. With the stump open, you can FIND STUMP THEN PUT things IN IT, or even FIND STUMP THEN SIT ON IT. This last gives the message about falling in, scrolls it up to the top, and then acts as if you had said IN. You can similarly open and close the hatch, at any time and place.
  6. In all versions, when near a body of water you can PUT HANDS UNDER WATER or PUSH anything visible UNDER WATER to get rid of it. This gives you an alternate way to get past the troll, for example.
  7. In all versions, if you attack the vulture in the tree, it leaves and never comes back. --Torbjörn Andersson
  8. In all versions, BUY ME says, "You can't see yourself here!".
  9. In all versions, PUT UMBRELLA IN GOLDFISH says, "The umbrella won't let you near.", with similar responses for other objects.
  10. In all versions, after you open the mysterious envelope, AGAIN says, "You're not holding the mysterious envelope.", although you are. --Torbjörn Andersson
  11. In all versions, at Vestibule, THROW something AT TOWER or DRAWBRIDGE says, "You can't see any moat here!" --Torbjörn Andersson
  12. In all versions, if you are arrested by the Boot Squad while carrying the stone, then the description of Jail Cell says, "You can see a small stone (providing light) here.", followed by "The small stone stops glowing."

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