Graeme Cree's Shogun bugs page
  1. In versions 292 and 295, if you get Roper to drop the apple by attacking him instead of taking it from him, then you don't score the 5 points you should get.
  2. In versions 292 through 311, the word "lath" is consistently misspelled "lathe", including the word LATHES you can use to refer to a door.
  3. In all versions, the quilt fits on the tray. If YOU PUT QUILT ON TRAY THEN GET ON QUILT THEN GET OFF QUILT, then you're considered to be on the tray, but you can move about freely. The tray and its contents go everywhere with you. If you PUT QUILT ON TRAY THEN GET ON QUILT THEN GET TRAY, then most commands will lock up the program.
  4. In all versions, THROW ME OVERBOARD produces, "You are now in the ." ("object#204" or "object#205" in Frotz). You can do this anywhere. After you do you can still move around normally, but most attempts to interact with objects claim they aren't close enough. Anything you DROP or THROW disappears.
  5. In all versions, you can THROW body parts OVERBOARD, including HAND, FEET, HEAD, EYES, MOUTH, FINGERS, STOMACH, and BALLS. You can also THROW them IN WATER, or THROW them AT ROPER.
  6. In all versions, WRITE IN MY RUTTER moves the quill into your inventory, regardless of where it is. This works even if you've thrown the quill overboard.
  7. In all versions, if you PUT something ON DESK in Captain's Cabin before opening the secret drawer, then it disappears.
  8. In all versions, you can GIVE WATER TO CAPTAIN even after pouring all the water out of the flagon. EXAMINE FLAGON also says, "The water doesn't look too palatable.", even if the water's all gone.
  9. All versions have problems dealing with objects inside the closed flagon. Trying to GET, DROP, or THROW them informs you that the flagon is closed, but you can still do such things as EAT APPLE, GIVE APPLE TO someone, UNLOCK CHEST WITH KEY, or WRITE IN MY RUTTER when the object is inside the closed flagon.
  10. In all versions, if you're on the quilt, then GET IN anything visible other than the quilt removes you from the quilt, even when you get a failure message.
  11. In all versions, when you're somewhere you can't sleep, LIE ON something produces no output.
  12. In all versions, at Rodrigues: Waterfront, all references to SAMURAI are ambiguous and can't be resolved. EXAMINE SAMURAI says, "[Which samurai do you mean, the archers or Omi?]". Answering ARCHERS or OMI repeats the question.
  13. In all versions, LOOK UNDER ME says, "You see your hand."
  14. In all versions, SMELL CLOTHES says, "They smells just like your clothes."
  15. In all versions, WHERE says, "You have no idea where to find the ."

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