Border Zone

Graeme Cree's Border Zone bugs page
  1. In Chapter 1, in Your Compartment, you can put parts of your body under the rear bench. If you PUT HEAD (or FOOT) UNDER REAR you get, "You slide the body part under the rear-facing bench." Then the description includes, "The space under the rear bench contains a body part." You can also PUT HAND UNDER REAR, but it doesn't show in the description. You can get both of these back with REACH UNDER REAR. If you do, then the "body part" shows in your inventory. You can also PUT these parts IN CAMERA.
  2. In Chapter 1, the space under the rear bench is closable. You may not be able to refer to it directly, but if there's nothing there you can LOOK UNDER REAR THEN CLOSE IT. You can still put things there and see them when it's closed, but trying to take anything from there tells you that it's closed. You have to REACH UNDER REAR to get things back.
  3. In Chapter 2, if the cap is on the pen, you can remove it without the button appearing, using DROP CAP or EMPTY PEN.
  4. In Chapter 2, if the cap isn't on the pen, you can put the button on the ground using DROP BUTTON or EMPTY PEN. The button disappears when you put the cap back on the pen.
  5. In Chapter 2, if you go northeast from South Side of Hut to Behind Hut, you're told the door is closed, whether it is or not.
  6. In Chapter 2, when you are indoors, if you give a command with two objects, the second being SNOW, then you're told you can't see the first. For example, LOOK THROUGH BINOCULARS AT SNOW says, "You can't see any binoculars here.", and PUT HAND IN SNOW says, "You can't see any hand here."
  7. In Chapter 3, you can THROW things AT TOPAZ anywhere, as long as he's conscious.
  8. In Chapter 3, you can STAND ON TRASH CAN while carrying it.
  9. In Chapter 3, you can get rid of your gun using THROW GUN AT TOPAZ, but you can still SHOOT SNIPER without it.
  10. In Chapter 3, when Topaz is unconscious, trying to give him something says, "Briskly, Topaz refuses your offer." --Kay Savetz
  11. In Chapter 3, when Topaz is close to you, you can PUT things IN TOPAZ. Then if he is unconscious, the room description includes, "Topaz wears [whatever]."
  12. In Chapter 3, PUT GUN IN something says, "You might need it later. Better keep it around.", but you can PUT GUN ON TOPAZ.
  13. The phrase TURN OFF is confused with THROW OUT. If you try to TURN OFF something that can't be turned on or off, then you usually get, "You'll have to be more explicit about how you want to throw it out." If you TURN OFF something in Your Compartment with the window open, the object actually gets thrown out.

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