1: Summary
2: What is interactive fiction
3: How do I play
4: How do I download and
    run games
5: Choose platform
6: Download games
7: Download interpreters

Appendix A: Glossary
Appendix B: Links
Appendix C: Credits
Appendix D: Copyright
Appendix E: About
Appendix F: Guestbook

A Beginner's Guide to Playing Interactive Fiction

Step 1: Summary

This site is a quick start guide, designed to help people who want to try interactive fiction, or as it is also called, text adventures. It is divided up into seven steps, which can all be seen in the table to the left. Reading through all the material on this site takes about 10-20 minutes, and that's all the preparation you'll need before you can start downloading and playing games.

If you have played text adventures before, but haven't used the modern text adventure formats (such as Zcode and TADS2), you may want to jump directly to Step 4: How do I download and run games. If you have never played text adventures, I recommend you read everything here, and even print the page Step 3: How do I play to keep as a reference while you are playing.

It's now time to move on to Step 2: What is interactive fiction