1: Summary
2: What is interactive fiction
3: How do I play
4: How do I download and
    run games
5: Choose platform
6: Download games
7: Download interpreters

Appendix A: Glossary
Appendix B: Links
Appendix C: Credits
Appendix D: Copyright
Appendix E: About
Appendix F: Guestbook

A Beginner's Guide to Playing Interactive Fiction

Appendix F: Guestbook

I've set up a simple guestbook so that you can easily give a little feedback and help improve the site. Just write your thoughts at the bottom of the page. Thank you.

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Latest guestbook entries

talkinrock (2013-05-05)
Great reference guide for newcomers to IF!

Also, I highly doubt that this website is still updated [at all], but a site admin may want to consider updating the game recommendations, so as to include newer games...

Nevertheless, much thanks for still keeping this domain up and registered!

Shotgun (2012-09-14)
I'm a beginner, and your site was very helpful to me. Thanks.

Sam (2011-11-26)
Nice site. I've really got into interactive fiction recently. Thanks!

Fredrik (2011-06-10)
To find more games: Look at IFDB in the Links section. Many many games, plenty of reviews etc.

wade (2011-05-12)
hey, thank man. where can we get more of these IF's from?

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